Workplace Safety

Welcome to the Workplace Safety Training. This training is replacing the Fire Safety, Tornado Safety and Safety Drill quizzes. First, view the slide show, then take the quiz. The quiz contains 10 questions. In order to pass you must answer at least 8 questions correctly. If you do not answer at least 8 questions correctly you will need to take the quiz again.

First & Last Name

How can you prevent house fires?
If a fire starts in the home you should:
If a tornado WARNING comes into effect while you are in the community with persons served you should:
If you receive a bomb threat you should:
Natural disaster emergency kits should include:
If there is a power outage you should:
If you discover a suspicious package you should:
If you see someone with a weapon you will need to use your best judgement in what action you take based on the people you are with and the environment.
External violence in the workplace could involve:
If the building is evacuated for any reason, the only time someone would be allowed to re-enter the building is to assist a person served get out safely.