Mental Illness Overview

Welcome to the Mental Illness Overview. This quiz contains 10 questions. In order for you to pass, you must answer 8 of 10 correctly. At the end of the quiz you will be notified of the number of questions you answered correctly. If you did not get at least 8 correct, you must take the quiz again

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Question 1. 
Mental illness is a disorder that can cause problems with a person's:
Question 2. 
Hallucinations and delusions are often associated with which mental health disorder?
Question 3. 
Which mental health disorder is characterized by repetitive and uncontrollable and irrational thoughts that usually involve themes of harm, danger or contamination?
Question 4. 
When working with a person who has a mental illness it is important to remember:

Question 5.
Feeling on top of the world, extreme rage, hyperactivity and racing thoughts/speech are symptoms of which disorder
Question 6.
Which phobia disorder can become so severe that persons may refuse to leave their home?
Question 7.
Re-living a traumatic experience or having flashbacks of a terrifying event, are symptoms of which disorder?
Question 8. 
The interventions and techniques that you use when working with individuals with Intellectual Disabilities may not work with individuals with MI.
Question 9. 
Individuals with mental illness often have a difficult time:
Question 10. 
When working with individuals who have a mental illness it is important to: