Mandatory Reporting of Dependent Adult Abuse

Welcome to the Mandatory Reporting of Dependent Adult Abuse. This quiz contains 17 questions. In order for you to pass, you must answer 14 of 17 correctly. At the end of the quiz you will be notified of the number of questions you answered correctly. If you did not get at least 12 correct, you must take the quiz again

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Question 1. 

What is needed for a report of dependent adult abuse?

Question 2. 

Which of these is a reportable type of dependent adult abuse?

Question 3.  

Mandatory Reporters of dependent adult abuse, who suspect a dependent adult has been abused, must report it to DHS within:

Question 4.  

Persons with disabilities are more likely to become victims of violence, abuse or neglect than persons without disabilities.

Question 5.  

Which of the following are examples of unreasonable punishment?

Question 6.  

After speaking with a victim about the alleged incident of abuse, it is critical to go over the story with the alleged abuser.

Question 7. 

A founded evaluation of adult abuse means:

Question 8.  

Law enforcement will also be notified each time a report is made?

Question 9.  

I am a mandatory reporter of dependent adult abuse

Question 10. 

Denial of critical care includes which of the following?

Question 11. 

Subjects of founded adult abuse reports are on the Registry for how long?

Question 12.  

A person served just told you that he has been meeting one of your co-workers at a nearby motel and that they have been involved in a romantic relationship for several months.  This is a reportable incident of dependent adult abuse.

Question 13. 

Using the scenario in question 12, which type of abuse would this be?

Question 14. 

On Tuesday you took a person served to the grocery store.  He purchased $50 worth of groceries.  On Thursday you noticed that all of the food he purchased was gone.  You asked him what happened to his food and he told you that his mother, who is also his guardian, came to visit yesterday and took his food home with her because she did not have the money to buy her own.  This is a reportable incident of dependent adult abuse.

Question 15.  

Using the scenario in question 14, what type of abuse would this be and who is the responsible caretaker?"

Question 16. 

You just arrived on shift at 8am.  Mary (a person served) is in her bedroom crying.  You ask her what is wrong and she asks you to close the door so no one can hear.  Then she asks you if the overnight aide is still here.   You tell her that he is and Mary insists that she does not want to be near him or see him because he just threatened to make her sit in dirty clothes all day if she has one more "accident".  She appears frightened and upset.  This is a reportable incident.

Question 17. 

Using the scenario in question 16, this would be what type of abuse?