Welcome to the HIPAA- Safeguarding Protected Health Information training. First, view the slide show, then take the quiz. The quiz contains 16 questions. In order to pass you must answer at least 13 questions correctly. If you do not answer at least 13 questions correctly you will need to take the quiz again.

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PHI is any health information that can be connected to a specific person, including all EXCEPT:
Accidental disclosure can happen when:
Individuals whose PHI is compromised may experience:
The Minimum Necessary Requirement requires you to:
A release of information will tell you:
The Security Rule outlines which three safeguards that we must use to protect electronic PHI:
Assigning a person in the organization to be a Privacy Officer is an example of which safeguard?
Having locked filing cabinets and secure shred bins are examples of which safeguards?
Encrypting data and using secure email are examples of which safeguard?
Employees who choose to keep temporary storage containers at their desk that house PHI until it gets to the shred bin must label it as confidential and empty it into the shred bins before leaving work each day.
If you are the person who discovers a possible breach of privacy, you should:
Progress Industries' Privacy Offer is:
Examples of possible breaches that you should report are:
Failing to report a privacy breach could cost the company, and you, thousands of dollars in fines and possibly imprisonment.
At Progress Industries, the following people are required to follow HIPAA rules:
Non-Disclosure Agreement
As part of my employment with Progress Industries ("PI"), I have access to protected health information ("PHI") protected by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 ("HIPAA"). By submitting my quiz, I am attesting that: