Day Habilitation Setting Rules – Documentation

Welcome to the HCBS Day Habilitation Setting Rules - Documentation. This quiz contains 10 questions. In order for you to pass, you must answer 8 of 10 correctly. At the end of the quiz you will be notified of the number of questions you answered correctly. If you did not get at least 8 correct, you must take the quiz again

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Documentation should reflect the person served choice of activities in the building and in the community.
Community integration simply means getting persons served out into the community
Community integration includes being a part of the community and not just in it.
Community integration is about places, not relationships.
The ultimate goal of the settings rule is to integrate persons served into their community locations with community members vs. segregating in designated locations designed primarily for persons with disabilities.
When creating schedules with persons served it is important to review and document all of the following except:
At the beginning of the shift and in documentation it is important to:
Documentation needs to reflect what happened in the community and can be evidenced by identifying:
Documentation should reflect the activities that help the person served with their goals and is evidenced by identifying all EXCEPT:
Supports that promote community integration include providing opportunities to persons served that give them the chance to: