Direct Support Webinar/Training Series

Compassion, Fatigue and Self Care

Presenter: Susan Martin, LISW

Our world is spinning at a faster and faster rate every day. We are all bombarded with often unattainable expectations and constant negative messages. People in our organizations are exhausted, overwhelmed, and hopeless. In the midst of this ever-changing healthcare system, we are still expected to continue to care for the individuals that come to our organizations for assistance and support. But how do we do it all? In this presentation, learn how to overcome the external pressures and reconnect with hope and positivity, learning new ways to approach our lives and how we can all make a difference in our world and workspaces. CLICK HERE to watch this webinar

Working with Challenging Behaviors

Presenter: Jim Aberg, MAE

Albert Einstein says that in order to solve a problem, you need to understand the problem. Teams and direct support professionals need to fully understand the reasons and motivation for the problem behavior(s) an individual displays. This understanding helps to develop an effective behavior intervention plan to support the individual. The presenter, using the approach of understanding a problem to develop more effective solutions, will provide information on utilizing the bio/psycho/social model to better understand and apply this model within P.I.   CLICK HERE twatch this webinar and view the Questionnaire 

Cultural Competence for DSPs

Presenter: Motier Haskins, School of Social Work, University of Iowa

Cultural Competence, the ability to work effectively in cross-cultural situations, is a key part of establishing trust and respect between direct support professionals and the people they support. Direct support professionals who are exposed to culturally competent approaches are better able to deliver person-centered services to individuals from different cultural backgrounds, including different races or ethnicities, sexual orientations, or genders. This presentation will focus on the development of cultural competence and the elements most important to providing supports and services to diverse populations.

Person-Centered Thinking

Presenter: Claire Benway, University of Minnesota

With an introduction to person-centered practices, you will understand the importance of supporting people in a person-centered way rather than a systems-centered approach. This will include exposure to universal person-centered strategies, methods to encourage self-expression, tools to increase self-determination, and decision making helping to enhance meaningful participation in the community.

Avoiding Burnout

Presenter: Dr. Celina Peerman, Organizational Psychologist

The workload isn’t decreasing, stressors are increasing and our need to thrive even in uncertain times is critical. With an energetic, interactive approach, this session will review recent findings from the research and apply key actions that help us all succeed as helping professionals. Participants will go through a range of exercises to build skills and strengthen resiliency to bounce back under the pressures and weight of our responsibilities. Come renew your energy and passion for your work in an uplifting session to go back out and keep doing the great work you strive to do.

Motivational Interviewing for DSPs

Presenter: Tony Raymer is a LISW and Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor

Motivational Interviewing (MI) is a powerful evidence-based method for engaging and motivating the person served. MI is proven to be a method that helps people resolve ambivalence toward change through the discovery of intrapersonal motivation by placing complete responsibility for the change on the individual. Motivational Interviewing has applications in various settings giving staff skills to help their persons served to succeed through appropriate evidence-based practices. This presentation will offer participants tools and skills that can be used in their everyday interactions.

Direct Support Webinar/Training Series